Monday, June 6, 2011

Home Study #2

So I'm a little slow at posting this, but we had our second home study visit on Friday (June 3rd). The social worker came out to the house this time and did a walk through and another interview with both of us. She asked us about our parenting styles; how we were raised--what we would change and what we would do the same; about values that we would want to instill in our children;about religion and what our expectations would be for our children; and some other stuff.

After the walk through, we just had to get a couple of things to make the house safer-- extra smoke alarms--one at the ends of the hallways on both floors and carbon monoxide detectors--one for each floor. We also had to get an extra fire extinguisher for the second floor and a lock for the medicine cabinet. So, Todd did all of that this weekend and now we are ready for the next visit, which will be just me and the social worker this Friday. Then, Todd's one-on-one will be next week and then we should be finished.

We'll keep you posted...

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