Monday, June 27, 2011

All Done Home Study!

So as of last Thursday, we are finished with the home study! I haven't updated in a while. Todd had his one-on-one two weeks ago. Mine was postponed b/c the social worker was sick, so I just had my one-on-one last Thursday. So, now we are finished. Just have a couple of little pieces of paperwork left to turn in and wait to be approved. It will probably be mid-August (which probably means the end of August) to be approved. The social worker has to type up a pretty in-depth report and then all the social workers at AGAPE will meet and deem us worthy or not of being parents. After that, we wait. Of course, we can look while we wait, but I'm not real sure I want to "look"...I mean, it's not like shopping for a pair of's a can you just pick one. Many have asked "how long?" The answer the case worker gave me is "at least a year". That was a little discouraging...a year!!!???!! It will then be almost two years from when we decided to do this...I'm gonna be an old woman by that time! Just kidding...maybe a little dramatic? Anyway...when all is said and done, it's all in God's hands...if he wants us to have a child next month, then we will. If he wants it to be a year, then it will. And it will all be perfect timing! I might need some of you to remind me of that every now and then! :) We will keep you posted! Until then, we wait!

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