Thursday, May 26, 2011

Home Study #1

Had our first home study meeting today. We went to AGAPE and met with our social worker. It was basically a "get to know you" session. We were able to ask some questions...the only one we had was "what will the home study process entail?" She asked a bunch of questions about we met, the engagement, our wedding, our jobs, what we do for fun, etc. She also asked us about what we disagree on...neither one of us could think of anything. I mean, we've had arguments before, but not over anything major and nothing that hasn't been resolved. I'm sure there's something, but we just couldn't think of anything...I'm sure thinks we're lying! We've actually both been tyring to think of something all day...nothing! Before we started she told us that if any issues are identified throughout the process that we need to work on before being approved, she would let us know...and that they don't expect perfect people. She didn't tell us anything today, so we must have passed round one!

The second meeting is scheduled for next Friday, June 3rd. It will be with both of us and at our house. The following two will be with each of us separately...Mine on the 10th and Todd's on the 16th, both at our house. So, while shes at the house during one of the visits, she will do a safety check of our home. (there's a long checklist of things they look for). So, we figure today wasn't that bad...kind of like a first date...just wanted to know the surface stuff....we figure she'll start asking us the really personal stuff next time (like about fertility issues, and what gets on our nerves about each other, maybe?).

So, we should be finished with the home study by the 16th. Then we wait for her to type up the home study and officially approve us. Until then we will keep on plowing through the paperwork! We have our physicals scheduled for next Friday, too, so we will be able to check that off the list. We still have to write autobiographies and do a emergency/fire escape plan, too. We'll keep you posted!

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