Sunday, March 8, 2015

Puzzle Update-Week 5

We have sold 197 puzzle pieces! Only 803 more to go! We are so grateful to those who have supported us so far-from family and friends to people we don't even know. Thank you to Cindy Riley and family, Andrea Akridge, Lauren & Joel Nussbaum, Nikki Bullock, Jim Purdue, Amanda Peltz, Theresa & Martin Ellerbrock, Jeff Perrin, Chris & Stacy Barnett, Nick Strickland, Karin Conlon, Brett Byer, Garrett and Julie Rogers, and Sandra Keenan! It's so amazing to see God at work. We love how he is weaving this story into the lives of so many people all over the country. Please continue to pray for us during this journey! We are almost finished with the home study. Just a few more pieces of paperwork to gather! We'll keep you posted.

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