Saturday, March 14, 2015

Art Attic Fundraiser

In the beginning, I had the idea to do a "paint party" night as a fund raiser and asked one of my friends who is an art teacher to teach it. Next, we needed to find a space. I was in the process of trying to get permission to hold it at our church, when I realized I would also need a ton of brushes and easels. So, I thought, "why not contact all the local art studios who hold classes like this and see about borrowing brushes and easels". I sent out emails to several local studios, really not expecting to hear back from anyone. Shannon Haas, from the Art Attic, called me the next day! After talking to her, she agreed to let us use her supplies. She then offered for us to hold the event at her studio and she offered to teach the class! So amazing! Again, I cannot express how grateful we are for Shannon volunteering her time, studio, and supplies and making this such a fun evening for everyone! If you are in the Franklin area, please attend an art class at the Art Attic at some point either for an "after hours" party or for your child's birthday party. She was a wonderful teacher and just an awesome, generous person! Also, please take a minute to "like" her Facebook page, too. I will be going back for sure for a girl's night and once Natalie is old enough, we will have a birthday party there, no doubt! Thanks so much, Shannon!

The Fundraiser was a huge success! We had 17 ladies come out to paint and everyone had a blast! We raised $840! And thanks so much to everyone who came out to paint for supporting our adoption!! It was such a fun night!

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