Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pure Joy!

We woke yesterday morning to pictures of Zach in our inbox. Pictures of his "your getting a family" party. We sent the cake, along with a care package about two months ago. We didn't think we'd actually get to see pictures before we got there, so we were pleasantly surprised when I opened my email to find these! Before, people would ask, "does he know he's getting a family?" "We hope so," is all we could say. Now we know that he knows. And just look at that smile!! It is PURE JOY!

These pictures came at such the perfect time in our journey. The "to-do" list is almost all checked off and we are just waiting for next Wednesday to come. Trying to prepare our hearts and our home to receive him into our family. I pray that his heart is begin prepared, too. That he will feel safe and at peace with the transition. Will you pray for that, too? A week from today, y'all! We will be on a plane to China to bring this sweet boy home!!!

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