Monday, November 21, 2011

The Waiting Game

We get the question everyday..."So, any news?" We would love to be able to answer, "Yes! We're getting a child!", but no such luck. We have inquired about several children, some individuals and some siblings, through,, and some other websites. We've had responses from some to send our home study to the child's case worker, which we have immediately requested from our social worker. Sometimes we get the response that "no more home studies are being reviewed on this child at this time" which I can only assume means they've received tons of interest and will probably choose one of those families. For some of the children, we have had no response at all!

One agency required the home study to be sent via snail mail and refused to accept email or fax. When I asked how long it would be before we should expect to hear back from someone, I was told "a few weeks." WHAT??? (It takes that long to go through the mail room and to be sorted and sent to the appropriate case worker.) It seems that if it were to be emailed or faxed, it would be more time efficient and kids could be placed more quickly. It doesn't appear that anyone is an a hurry to find these children a permanent home, which is really hard for us to swallow! There are hundreds of thousands of children in need of homes. We are finding it difficult to understand why such a long drawn-out process....and this is only to find out more information on the child!

This is as far as we've gotten in the process. Now we continue to wait to be contacted from the case workers who have received our home study. So, we are trying to be patient and understanding while we wait some more. We will also continue to visit these websites to see if any new kids have been posted. We have prayed that God will close the door to any child that is not intended for us. Perhaps, that is what he is doing! We know he has a plan and the perfect child (or children) chosen for us. However, the waiting is getting more and more difficult! Prayers for patience and perseverance would be greatly appreciated...and much needed!

Also, please remember to keep your eyes and ears open for anyone you know or in your community that may have a child who needs a home.

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  1. Tara, it sounds so stressful. I can't imagine. I simply can't. The only thing that I can do for you is pray and encourage you to stay strong because what you and Todd are doing will save a child's life. It does make a difference to them. When it finally happens, the love and appreciation for that child will be more than many biological parents have for their children. I wish you and Todd the very best. I just know you will be blessed beyond belief when all is said and done.
    Jennifer Styles Carlisle