Sunday, October 2, 2011


We have just completed our second yard sale fundraiser! Yeah! The first one was held in Tupelo, two weeks ago, where we raised over $800! This weekend, we held one in Franklin on Friday and Saturday and raised over $1800!!! So, we are off to a great start in raising money to cover our adoption fees! Thanks so much to all of the friends, family, and neighbors who have helped us earn this money, so far! We could not have done it without your help and support! Todd and I enjoyed meeting all of the neighbors that came out to support us as well! We are blessed to live in such a wonderful neighborhood and to have such amazing friends and family!

We do have one more yard sale coming up in two weeks in Birmingham. My mom and sister are hard at work gathering items to sell. It is not a small feat! Todd and I are exhausted from this weekend, but gearing up for the next one! Stay tuned for an update!

Also, we heard from our social worker last week on Monday. She has the home study report back on her desk. Her supervisor reviewed it and did not note any concerns (I should hope not!) and she just has to correct some errors. It should be any day now. We were really hoping to have heard something by Friday, but no such luck! We'll keep you posted!

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