Saturday, March 12, 2011

Session Five

The first part of session five was on assessing our family strengths...identifying our support system and the relationships, strong and weak, in our lives. We had to do an "eco-map" which was a visual representation of all of these relationships. I'm not sure we actually learned anything new from this activity. We are blessed with a very strong support system of family, friends, and neighbors, which will all be active parts of our lives and help us throughout this process. One weakness, I guess, is that we don't have family in Nashville to help. (hint, hint: maybe some of you could just move to Nashville!) :) Although, we know that our families are just a few hours away and they will be driving up on weekends to visit and help out in anyway we need!

The second part of the session was on helping the children transition in and out of your home. Of course for us, they will just be transitioning IN to the home (and hopefully not out!). There were some very helpful tips provided to help us with this. No big eye opening moments for me during this session, but still some useful tips were taken away!

Class next week is canceled, due to some scheduling "reconstruction." So we meet again on the 24th!


  1. I would have to agree with you Tara, we have all been blessed with great Monte and Roof families! And a move to Nashville does sound quite tempting! We will continue to pray for guidance for all of us!

  2. Tara, Can't wait for an Update after your trip to Az. As for the help, I am getting my OJT as
    a grandmother with this crew down here. Will love helping you out. My bags are packed. Love Mom